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You Can Do Hard Things

I’ve been thinking about the fact that I can do hard things…

YOU can do hard things…

and here’s the deal… one thing that I’ve learned…

and sometimes I have to keep learning it OVER and OVER again

I don’t know if that ever happens to you… where you have to learn things more than one time for it to actually stick?

So one of the things that I’ve learned is that life…

or things that happen…

or circumstances that go on

It’s not always about me.

A couple of about 4 years ago now I lost my mom to cancer/

Cancer Sucks!

K it just does.

I lost my mom to cancer and by the time she found out the cancer was already stage 4.

She didn’t even live a year. She even went through the chemo and everything. Nothing helped.

So that summer that she was fading and it was her last summer on this planet I got the privilege of helping to take care of her.

She had an amazing support system all around her including my aunt, people from her church, friends who would fly in and family who would fly in.

We would take turns taking care of her so that she got to stay home and be where she was comfortable and where she wanted to be.

In her last days we sat down with my aunt and with the her pastor of her church and we would plan.

We planned out her whole funeral.

She planned it all how she wanted it.

Then there was nighttime…

I mean if you think about having a newborn and how many times you have to wake up during the night… this was more frequent.

You know, waking up and not really even sleeping.

Like is she going to try and get up by herself and then fall down…

It was rough.

It was hard.

I learned that summer that I can do hard things…

and this was NOT about me. This was about her and making sure that she was happy and safe and and that she could live the best she could let her last days.

You know what… there are things and circumstances in our lives where it’s just not about us.

It’s not about you.

You can do the hard things that you need to do to get through to the next day, to the next circumstance and make things better for yourself and your family.

You can do it. You can do hard things.


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