What’s The Point – List Building

What’s The Point Of All This Content You’re Posting?

Why Attraction Marketing?

What’s In It For You Anyway?

How does this help your business?

Building Your List

Building a list is the Absolute #1 asset in any internet business.

Your network is your networth. – unknown

Someone opting into your list with their name and email address is the ultimate Hand Raise… you have attracted someone to you!

Here’s the thing, though…

You have to know your audience.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they need/want?
  • What are their problems/pains?

Then YOU provide the solution… that’s the content part.

See my blog, What In The World Is Content?, for more on content creation.

So How Do I Build A List?

The best way (and the way the professionals do it) is through an autoresponder program.

If you’re just starting out in this Land of Professional Home-Based Business Marketing, you can work towards this.


The sooner you get going with it, the better and easier it will be for you to build your list.

Take a look at what I use here.

If you absolutely can’t get an autoresponder now…

Well, first of all, you might need to check your mindset and change that “can’t” language to “how can I make it work” language.

So, once you figure out how to make it work…

Click Here.

If you’re still stuck in the “I can’t”…

Do this…

(Well, do this even if you start the autoresponder.)

  1. Set up your Facebook Business Page.
    • People that Like and Follow your business page have raised their hand to learn more about who you are and what you do.
  2. Set up a Facebook Group linked to your business page.
  3. Get email addresses from those that like your Facebook Page and request to be added to your Facebook group.
    • Do this by providing value-based content…
    • In your Call To Action (CTA) ask them to comment for more information…
    • When they do, reply in a private message and ask for their email address so you can send them the information they are requesting…
    • Send them what they requested AND add them to your spreadsheet.
    • When you get your email autoresponder, it will be easy to upload that Excel Spreadsheet of names and emails into your autoresponder.

Why An Autoresponder?

  • You can set up an automatic email (or a series of them) to go out instantly when people opt in to your email list.
  • Setup different email groups (lists) based on what content you are putting out.
  • Send out email broadcasts anytime to your list (or several lists at a time).
  • Personalize your emails.
  • There’s no need to Bcc an email because the emails will go out as if each person is receiving the email from you individually.
  • You can see the stats of who opens your emails.
  • Who clicks on the links in your emails.
  • Schedule your emails to be sent at certain times.

Are you convinced you need this yet?

If you’re building a home-based business (network marketing, affiliate marketing or any kind of marketing) You. Need. This.

So, get started with your email autoresponder today. 

It is essential to building your list…

And YOU own that list (your company doesn’t own that list).


Okay. Okay. So still think this is all too technical?

Well, outsource it… get someone else to do it.

Or, better yet, market a product that someone else has created AND they do the email follow-up for you on YOUR behalf.

Follow-Up is the 3rd “F” in this weird T3FP formula my friend and mentor Jeff Lerner put a name to. This formula has been around since the dawn of successful business opportunities… Jeff just put a name to it.

Check it out here and see if it resonates with you too.



Enjoy the present