What Is Your Music?

What is the music that plays inside of you? 


What is your music?

What kind of music jives with you? Do you like classical music? Rock? Pop? Maybe you’re a little country or even hip hop?


Now think, why is that your music? Who or what influenced you to enjoy that particular type of music? Was it a parent? A sibling? A friend or group of friends? Your upbringing?


Here’s the million dollar question. Is it REALLY you? Do you just like that music because everyone else around you also likes it? Do you like it because everyone expects you to like it? Are you passionate about it? Does it make you dance? Are you afraid to let your real music be known?


What are we really talking about here?

Each of us has our own music inside of us, our own potential – God given potential. It resonates in our hearts, but what happens? Many times we ignore it because of what is expected of us. We have people that are counting on us, so we try to please them, do what we think they want from us. Let me tell you. Playing the music that others expect us to play never feels good. Go with the music that resonates with you. Find your own music.


Sometimes is takes someone else to tell us that they see different music inside of us. A few months ago someone told me he believed in me. Strangely enough, it wasn’t a family member. Not that my certain members of my family haven’t told me they believe in me, but that’s not where I’m going with this. And it wasn’t even a teammate in my business that got me going on this new direction I am taking. It was someone that holds no stock in me whatsoever, and he saw music in me that I didn’t see myself.


Watch this clip from Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights. Javier has his own music and he’s helping Katey to find hers. Are you stuck and afraid to let your music out? Don’t waste the music.


What do we do with the music?

We all need someone to believe in us, to bring out that unseen potential in us. Once we get a taste we have GOT to let that music sing, or dance or express itself in whatever way necessary. Don’t die with that music still inside of you.


Will everyone understand our music? Goodness no. People come and people go, but our music remains. Share your music with others so they can hear it, see it, feel it. Not all music resonates with all people. My music will not resonate with everyone. Nor do I want it to, but what do I do with the people my music doesn’t resonate with? Do I discard them? Write them off? Goodness no, but I do keep on playing my music.


Some people may stop following you. A wise person once said, “It’s none of my business what other people think of me.” What matters is what I think of me. Am I living up to my potential? Am I doing everything that I was created for? Who else do I need to impact today? What are YOU going to do to impact the world today?


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Enjoy the present