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What In The World Is Content?

In my last blog I discussed Attraction Marketing and creating your brand through attracting your audience to YOU…

And that is accomplished through creating valuable Content…

So What Is Content?

First, What Content Is NOT

  • Pitching your products and services all the time… even on your Facebook business page
  • Throwing out promotions about your products
  • “Join My Team” kind of posts
  • Moving your spammy posts from your personal profile to your business page (people will not follow you)
  • Promoting your company or it’s products

What Content IS

  • Centered around your personal brand (NOT your company)
  • Promotes YOU and who you are
  • Gets your audience to interact with you through a Call To Action (CTA)
  • Builds up the Know, Like, Trust factor with your audience
  • Creates curiosity as to what it is you do.

Where To Get Content?

First, You have to be consuming content daily in order to be able to produce content for your audience.

Take the things you listen to, go to, read about…

And digest, reflect, synthesize, make it your own…


Take those ideas, add your own twist, experiences and voice…

Share it with your audience in the form of a post, a video, a blog, etc.

Get ideas for content through…

  • Your daily mindset personal development.
  • Company calls; i.e.) benefits of an ingredient in your product
  • Your notes from company events
  • Your own lifestyle (who are you?)

The purpose of content?

To give people valuable information that will cause them to want to follow you.


Let’s make this industry great again.

Share this blog. Tell people how to do their part to make this industry a spam free, professional marketing industry again.

Comment with what your next step is to start building your personal brand through providing value-based content to your audience.

Learn about this unique marketing formula that will make this industry great again.

Enjoy the present
Become The Hunted – Attraction Marketing
What In The World Is Content?