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Weight Loss Stress? Relax don’t inhibit your weight loss


Could stress be keeping inhibiting your weight loss goals?

“Absolutely it can”… according to my nutritionist and stress management expert friend, Stephanie Flanders-Martin.


Not only can stress inhibit your weight loss… it can also cause weight gain… so I have found.

I went from weighing 200 pounds in 2014 to losing 60 pounds in 6 months… kept it off until 2018 when several chronic stressors hit my life all at once and I gained 40 pounds back. These stressors came from my own poor choices… but they were chronic stressors all the same.

I interviewed my friend Stephanie Flanders-Martin, stress management expert, yoga instructor and nutritionist about how stress affects weight loss (or gain) and what in the world we do about it.


It’s the chronic stress that’s the real problem for weight loss and many other health related problems. This chronic stress releases a “stress cocktail” in your body, says Stephanie…




As a result, this chemical release in your body really plays a toll on your long-term health and weight loss.

What’s chronic stress?

Well, it’s things that have a long term stressful impact on your life… for instance, financial trouble, relationship trouble, career challenges or even illnesses.

Ok… so what do we do about the stress impeding our weight loss?

First, identify what the issue is.


Use Coping Techniques – what do we need to do to resolve the problem? This can be hard and can take time… so we need relaxation techniques as well.

And Relaxation Techniques – Yoga and meditation… and even journaling.

This will create that homeostasis in your body.

Watch my video interview below with Stephanie to get more details and insight to coping and relaxation techniques that will help you get your body stress chemicals back on track.



You can connect with Stephanie to take a yoga class or do meditation with her… even get in on one of her specialty classes at Tree of Life Yoga Studio, or email her at


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Weight Loss Stress? Relax don’t inhibit your weight loss