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The Variable Is You

Constants and Variables


Who likes algebra?

You know how there is always a missing variable that you’re trying to find?

Like y = mx + b (isn’t that finding the area of a triangle or something?)

Or maybe you’re not a math person, so how about science.

I always loved science, research, and figuring things out.

Well, when you’re doing a science experiment, or a research project, you have variables.

There are some constants, the part that stays the same throughout,

and some variables, things you change in order to confirm or disprove your hypothesis…


The Game of Life

This game of life is the same.

There are constants and there are variables.

Take teachers, for example… that’s another thing I do…

We all have access to the same content, the same training  and the same standards.

We have the same number of hours in a day.

Challenging students (and parents), there are plenty to go around.

These are constants, they’re the same for everyone, and I’m sure you could think of many more.


So what’s the variable?

Some may say, “But THIS student! No one has a student with THIS behavior problem.”

Nope, not true…

That’s an excuse.

Others may say it’s the curriculum my district “makes” me use.

Nope, wrong again…

Another excuse.

What happens when the curriculum changes but the results remain the same? Yet, other people may say, “leadership, that’s the reason I, or my students, are not successful.

There is no support from leadership.”

This isn’t true either.


These are all excuses.

Passing the blame onto others for our own shortcomings.

The variable that you have control over is the one you need to worry about…

That variable is YOU.


The Game of Business

Whatever your business might be;

  • network marketing,
  • affiliate marketing,
  • brick and mortar,

the outcome we all want is success.

Let’s put this formula into the equation of business (or life); x + y = success.

We want success!

But how do we get success?


Let’s make x the constant.

It’s the thing that is the same for everyone.

Look at any network marketing company, for instance.

They all have the same system with the same products,

the same meal plan (if it’s health and wellness),

…or other tools…

the same support from corporate…

They all have the same number of hours in a day even.

X is the same for everyone.

So, what’s y?

Again, that y is YOU.


The variable is you.

Your mind.

What’s going on in your mind that keeps you from success?

We create success from the inside out. What is going on around us (and even to us) is the extension of our mind, our thoughts.

The sooner you accept that the variable is YOU, the sooner you can get on track to success.



First of all, quit boo-hooing over your circumstances.

We all go through crap, but we have to make a choice.

We choose what to focus our attention on.

Rather than focus on all the bad things that have happened to us, we need to focus on the vision of where we want our life to be… forward thinking!

What you focus on expands. – T Harv Eker

And, trust the journey.

More than that, enjoy the journey!

Both the good and the bad.

Wait, what?!?!

Yes, I said enjoy both the good AND the bad.


Enjoy the bad, too, because when you get to the other side, just IMAGINE who you will inspire with your story of perseverance, hope and faith.

YOU decide what you focus your thinking on every moment of everyday.

Make each moment count.

There are people relying on you.

We have to get past ourselves and figure out how we are going to bring value to the world.

Go out and create value!


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Enjoy the present
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