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Success Is Easy But Not Everyone Will Get Results

A couple of things come to mind as I think about success… especially after the Workshop I attended last weekend.
First of all, what is it that successful people do differently than unsuccessful people? What is it that successful people are willing to do that unsuccessful people are not willing to do?
One of the biggest telltales is that successful people take 100% responsibility for whatever happens to them each and every day in their life and in their business.
I hear an awful lot of excuses from people in general (I used to be one of them) as to why things aren’t going right for them, or why their business isn’t growing, or why they weren’t successful in this thing or the other thing… Or even why a relationship failed or isn’t working.
Unsuccessful people blame others and make excuses for their lack of results. Successful people take 100% responsibility for what happens to them.
It’s really, truly a big mind game that we play with ourselves… The reason for lack of success?…
The number one, absolute biggest thing that we can do to ensure success in our business, relationships, health, etc. is to take full on responsibility for the results that we get.
Good or bad, we must own the results. Learn from failures. Take responsibility that the failures (even successes) are ours… learn from them and get better next time.
We are where we are in our finances, relationships, business, health… because of the choices we have made… Whether consciously or subconsciously.
The question then becomes…

What do I do now?

First, do some serious reflection and take ownership of where you currently are.
Next, get yourself around the people who are at or above the place where you want to be financially, in your relationships, in your business, and in your health. Then start modeling your life and you’re thinking after those people.
Read books about the life and the thinking of these kinds of people. Tap here for a list of resources that I have used and am using to improve my mindset.
If your results are not where you want them to be, it’s your inner game that must improve.
There’s a saying I heard this past weekend that totally resonates with this idea…
The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. ~ Doug Nelson
Motivation does not work long-term… Irritation does.
If I’m irritating you right now in telling you that your lack of results are in direct relation to what’s going on inside you… good.
That irritation is likely the only thing that will move you forward.
Once we’re irritated enough about it we will actually do something about it.

Now, let’s talk about the people around you…

The people that you spend the most time with… are they living the life that you want for yourself? If not, it’s simply time to get yourself around the kind of people you want your life to emulate.
If you don’t know those kind of people, reach out to me and let’s get you connected.
I have surrounded myself with people who have well surpassed what I ever thought possible for myself.
These people have shown me examples of living I thought was only possible in the movies… and some of it’s even better than that.
I’ll tell you what, click here to take a look at the system I am a part of… the system that my new friends created.
This is the kind of quality system that has me surrounded by the caliber of people that are going to get me to the dreams and vision I have for my life.
Are you taking the appropriate action steps to get you where you need to go?… where you want to go?

If not, click here now and check out what I’m talking about.

Some you will click on this link and see that you have to put in your name and email address in order to learn about it… and you’ll think to yourself… I KNEW it… she’s trying to sell me something…

YES!!… Please forgive me that I’m giving you an opportunity to Transform. Your. Life.

Remember, successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

Which one are you?
Which one do you want to be?

“Oh… I know what you’re doing,” you might be thinking. “You want me to put in my email address so you can fill up my inbox.”

Well, YES… I will send you emails. VALUE emails. Emails that, if applied, will change your life. If that’s not something you want… then you’re simply not a good fit for this team anyway.

However, I don’t believe that… You wouldn’t still be reading if you weren’t a good fit for the team. So, take control of your success. Do the things that successful people do because YOU are successful.

Fight with everything you’ve got and take the next step. THAT will move you forward.

Make things happen for yourself.

See you on the inside.

~ Katy
Enjoy the present