First day of school with kids and for the kids!

We are so excited to spend the year together at University Schools! 
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First day of school with...

These time hop photos! 
They grow so fast... snuggle them while you can... kiss them while they'll let you... spend all the time you can with them... be present.

Pretty soon you'll blink and they'll be grown and not need you anymore.

These two will be in 4th and 1st grades in 4 days. 
I'm blessed to be able to take them to school and even teach in the same school with them this year.

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These time hop photos! They...

I painted the back deck today... one more coat tomorrow ought to do it...

I painted the back deck...

🌊 Such a perfect family day at Water World! Kids had so much fun... So did the parents! 🌊

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🌊 Such a perfect family...

These kids!

Tea party at Carolyn 's house... they've been looking forward to this for weeks!

Thank you, sweet Carolyn and Lois, for a fun afternoon for the kids... and time for this mama to get a pedicure! ❤😁❤

These kids! Tea party at...

Pray for the impact God will have on your students, your school, your district and your community this school year.

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Pray for the impact God...

Feliz dia Peru!

It's Peruvian Independence Day today! 
Celebrating in Denver with the family!... Daddy performs soon!

And... Jalea... my favorite Peruvian dish... what a treat!

#peruvianindependenceday #peru #peruvianfood #peruviandance #incakola #jalea #guino

Feliz dia Peru! It's Peruvian...

Oh my gosh! Such an amazing day! Beautiful hiking weather! Beautiful hiking companions!

This was our last hike of the summer small group session at Rez Church... and we had to be a little flexible due to a full parking lot at Bridal Veil Falls Trailhead... but Jon found us a great trail to hike today.

God had something great for us today... just LOOK at all those wild flowers! 
Looking forward to leading this group again next summer. 

Oh my gosh! Such an...

Ok... so I kept going... ended up almost in Timnath 😳

So round trip today was about 38 miles. 
Can you believe it!?! 😲

#rezstaycation #bikeride #riverbluffs #workout #poudreriver #poudrerivertrail

Ok... so I kept going......

Nothing like coming around the last corner of your hike and seeing a big bull elk headed up the trail in your direction... Beautiful day for a hike in Estes Park... Gem Lake Trail.

Beautiful people... great fellowship... amazing views.

It's been a great summer for hiking with my Rez Church small group. One more hike left for this small group session if anyone wants to join us on the Bridal Vails Falls trail next Saturday.

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Nothing like coming around the...

Terror In Subway

Remember That Time Before You Had Kids…


Okay, so remember that time before you had kids, when you would see other people’s kids throw a fit in a store and you’d be like,


“My kid’s never gonna do that.”


Right, yeah, and then you had kids and you realized,


“Hm, my kid does do that.”


So, a few days ago my kids and I were gonna go to Subway and grab a sandwich. It’s one of our favorite healthy places to go…

Well, they had been kind of being a little bit stinkers. So I told them when we were in the car to shape up.

They were not a 100% listening, but I’m like, “I don’t wanna cook, so we’re gonna go, “we’re gonna go to Subway.”


Well we walk into Subway, and I just felt like a ringleader or something, like… these little monkeys were just climbin’ all over everything…

and they were just pokin’ at each other.

And you know, not, they weren’t being bad. They were just being disruptive, and it was a crowded restaurant at that time, and there people trying to enjoy their meals and my kids are just goofin’ around.

I asked them several times to stop…

And you know finally, I was like, “You know what,


“we’re just gonna go.”


And we just turned around, we hadn’t ordered a sandwich or anything yet. We just turned around, walked ’em right out to the car, and they both walked out sobbing.


Okay, I don’t know about you, but when my kid cries, it breaks my heart, either of them. I don’t like to see them cry, I don’t like to see them sad, but you know what? Sometimes, it just has to be that way.

They have to realize that what they’re doing is not okay behavior, and if they’re not gonna turn it around and do what mom says, then they’re not gonna get the privilege of having lunch at Subway or any other place.

They’re gonna have a nice home cooked meal. It’s not like they’re not gonna eat. They’ll still eat. They’re just not gonna eat there. And I’m not gonna be out in public with my kids if they’re gonna not listen.


So that was a hard lesson for them to learn right then. It’s hard for mom too, because you don’t wanna see your kids cry, but if we don’t stop it now, imagine what kind of adult they would be.


Do you have any stories like that? When you’re in a place, in a public place, and you just can’t get your kids to listen and you had to do something drastic to make it work for you.


So, I’m curious to know, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your story too.

Enjoy the present

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