Who’s ever been subject to the shiny object syndrome?

Man! We all have…

The question is… Do You Realize It?

… And if you do… What Do You Do About It?

In this video, my good buddy, Lloyd Nolan talks about his recent experience in grappling with the “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Super real thing.

Here’s the deal though…

Focus is essential… as entrepreneurs (with no boss dictating our day) it is so easy to get distracted… even if by some extremely great opportunities.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to Just Say NO.

Not, NO because it’s the wrong thing, necessarily… but maybe it’s the wrong timing.

Become an entrepreneur in your own right and manage yourself within the time you have…


Here’s what I know…

Both Lloyd and I are a part of a business opportunity that… IN BARELY A YEAR has redefined the industry to create the most sustainable, compliant, value-based, and results-driven company ever seen in the space of education-based affiliate programs.

No really…

That’s the truth.

Seriously… the company’s results and the results of its members ($2MM just in affiliate commissions paid out on top of the immeasurable results from helping their members learn to build other outside businesses) proves we’re on to something good… even still in its relative infancy.

I have heard them say it many times – “The highest compliment YOU will ever pay us is to TRANSCEND into your own journey and not ‘need’ us anymore.”

And they firmly believe in each member… in many cases they have more belief in you than you do in yourself… and they hold that belief for you until you yourself believe it…

They are making large commitments to the future.

==>> Come be a part of that future.

Enjoy the present