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Proof Santa Is Real

Just a funny, quick little story that reminded me about how it really doesn’t matter how much you teach your kids… they’re still going to form their own opinions and their own beliefs about life.

So… ever since my husband, Alex, and I were married we always agreed that we were not going to tell our kids that Santa was real


Santa is not a bad thing, but we just didn’t want to tell them that Santa was real and Santa brings them gifts at Christmas time and all that jazz.


So we’ve never done that with them and at this point my my son is almost 9 and my daughter is 5 …


The other day we went to Subway and somehow we got into this conversation with my kids about Santa Claus. I don’t even remember where that conversation came from, but Patrick my son, says to me with total confidence, “you know what, I know Santa is real.”


To which I said,”what what do you mean? Santa’s never brought you any presents before. We talked about this before.”


We don’t tell the other kids at school that Santa is not real, but we don’t believe Santa’s real.


He’s a fun Christmas thing to do… a fun game to play at Christmas time… but he’s not real.


Then Patrick said, “you know what, I have proof that he’s real.”


… and I was like, “what’s your proof.”


And Patrick said, “I don’t remember, but I know I have proof.


So… whatever it was that happened in his head… he just knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Santa Claus is real… even though we had never told him that he was real.


This was a good lesson for me…


A great reminder that our kids are small humans and they’re forming opinions and beliefs about their environment around them… the people that they’re hanging out with… We want to be able to control what they believe… but all we can do is guide them in the direction they should go. Some things they just have to discover for themselves.


Just a fun little story to show just you that kids are going to form their own opinions and beliefs about life… and we as their parents help form and guide them.


Do you have any Santa stories with your kids that you can share? Just right in the comments below and I would love to to hear those, and see what’s going on with you.


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Have an amazing day and remember…


Your kids are small humans and they will form their own opinions and beliefs your job is just to guide them.


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