I saw an article posted the other day about a man who was doing an "experiment" sleeping only 5 hours a night rather than the full 7-8 recommended hours. 
Yeah... moms be like... "so "
The sleep you do get as a mom... make sure it's good quality sleep.
Here are some things to try...
1) Turn off your phone (or use airplane mode while you're sleeping)
2) Keep a journal next to your bed so you can get your thoughts out on paper before sleeping.
3) Use meditation to relax your mind and body before bed.
Sleep well mamma! 
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I saw an article posted...

Great time at #cubscouts last week. Fun meeting #ColoradoEagles player #scottkosmachuk and getting #Scouts awards from him.

Great time at #cubscouts last...

You are not doing anything sitting on the couch waiting for things to happen. 
You have to make them happen! 
You’re not alone... there are many moms that want to make an impact and make their dreams come true. 
With the purchase of my A Mom That Matters course you can access a community that will support you and exchange tips and tricks to achieve anything you want. 

Let’s do it together! 
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You are not doing anything...

Fear is temporary, regret is forever.

It’s normal to feel a bit afraid of doing things that you've never tried before, but remember regret can eat you alive later! 
Just try things! 
Do those things that scare you! 
You may find a new passion you’re not aware of or meet a group of wonderful people that will change your life. 
Start living large today! 
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Fear is temporary, regret is...

I have something really awesome in the works for my 90 Day Weight Loss group tomorrow... Special guest... 🤐

I have something really awesome...

Have you ever eaten an entire pack of cookies? 
I invite you to take a look inside yourself and discover why you do that.

Maybe it's because you're lonely and you're just looking to fill the void... Maybe you're self medicating with food... Or maybe it's just a habit that you've built up to cope with boredom. 
Yes, you can combat this by just not purchasing the crap food.

Yes, you can just fill your fridge with healthy fruits and veggies to snack on.

I get it though... sometimes that bag of cookies (or whatever it is for you) just finds its way into your shopping cart and into your pantry.

Consider that you need more than just the newest health product or meal plan... Consider that you could greatly benefit from connecting yourself with a group of people just like you... a group that provides daily motivation and accountability for what you are putting into and doing to your body.

If this post strikes a cord with you... go check out my 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Group. Click the link in my bio.

See you over there.

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Have you ever eaten an...

There's this aging picture challenge going on... posting your first profile pic and your current one side by side... Well.. I thought it fit with my wellness campaign I have going on... The difference in my health is visible in these pics.

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There's this aging picture challenge...

I am greatful for the amazing people in my life and the new ones that God keeps sending my way.

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I am greatful for the...

🏆🏆SUCCESS TIP🏆🏆 Starting and continuing on your journey to a better version of you....you're going to have to do some weeding. Weed out the people that are negative or unsupportive of your goals. 
Surround yourself with people that believe in you and with people that have already reached the goals you are on the path to attaining.

You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with, so increase your success rate by seriously evaluating the people in your life.

If you're looking for that group positive individuals that will lift you up as you're working towards and reaching your goals, specifically weight loss goals, join my 90 day weight loss challenge group by clicking on the link in my bio.

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🏆🏆SUCCESS TIP🏆🏆 Starting and continuing...

 Be a team with your husband.
 Create bedtime routines.
 Eat well to keep your energy levels up.

Being a mom is a full time job! No doubt about it, however, this doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams and goals, it’s only a matter of planning and timing!  With my "A Mom That Matters" course you’ll have all the tools you need to build the life you want and still be an excellent mother, wife and woman. 

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 Be a team with...

No Excuse To Be A Jerk

For the last seven years I’ve been a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education teacher. I have my Masters in that, and I work with a lot of kids who are either immigrants or refugees into the United States.



At one particular school, I worked with kids who came from places all around the world; from Burma, from Somalia… kids that have lived in really, truly, extreme poverty… even civil war going on in their country.


For some of these kids, their villages had even been burned down.. and they saw it happen… They saw people killed right in front of them just because they didn’t conform to what the military in charge was trying to get them to do.


The military came in and stole things from them… and if they resisted… they would be killed.


Kids coming from places like that and coming here, to the United States, and understanding the opportunity available to them. Their parents understanding it … their mindset is just that,


“I am here to learn everything that I can and observe every possible opportunity that I can get while I’m here.”


And then, on the other hand, we have kids born in the United States, who come from poverty or anywhere, poverty or even from privilege. They might be kids that have experienced tough things in their short past already…


Parents leaving, going to jail… etc…,


Kids that I personally have worked with…


Their families may even find themselves homeless for whatever reason…


and these kids…


So many of them will take these kinds of things as an excuse for the terrible behavior they demonstrate,


The disrespect that they show to other adults in their life whether it’s their teachers or any other adult that might come in the room.


And they don’t take their learning seriously.


And maybe I’m generalizing big time here, I get that, but I see it time and time again.


You get these kids that come from immigrant families, that come from refugee families and have lived through extreme things on one hand…


And then you get the kids born in the states who come from poverty, [I’m sure you see it with privileged kids too].


And there’s just some kind of mindset difference where they think that the world owes them something.


And because they have a parent in jail or they’re homeless for a time or they have these other circumstances… and junk that happens to them in their past and…


Oh my gosh, I don’t wish that on anybody at all… and would love to help people get out of those kinds of situations,


But you can’t use that as an excuse…


You can’t teach your kids to use that as an excuse to be a jerk.


It’s just the bottom line.


You can’t use those circumstances in your life as an excuse to just be a jerk and decide you’re not going to do anything because you don’t feel like it.


So instead… think about the amazing blessings that you have in your life right now


Instead of thinking about the junk from the past and using all of that stuff as an excuse as to why you’re not where you want to be right now, or why you’re not doing the thing that you wanted to do,


And oh my gosh, never use your kids as an excuse for any of that.


Motherhood is not an excuse for not reaching your dreams.


It’s absolutely not.


So be aware of the blessings in your life.


Seriously take a look at the things in your life that you have to be grateful for and focus on those things.


Let those things expand in your life.


Be grateful for what you have and you will start to see things change for you.


I hope that this has inspired you to look at the things and the situations in your life and just know that none of that is an excuse as to why you’re not where you should be… or where you want to be… or where you said you were going to be.


Do it anyway, get it done, and make life happen for you.


Life doesn’t happen to you, you make life happen for you.


So be amazing, be blessed, and leave me a comment on this post to let me know how this resonates with you.


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Enjoy the present

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