This guys totally beat me at bowling... with my all time LOWEST score EVER! It was a great opportunity for a lesson in sportsmanship.
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This guys totally beat me...

A few more pics from the Peruvian Food Tasting Expo Fundraiser yesterday!
Food. Crafts. Games. Writing letters to students and teachers in Peru.

We had some amazing volunteers to help us pull this off! Thank you to Betty Ruiz and her Foreign language club for manning the stations! Thank you to Aleja and Delia for cooking the delicious food.
And a huge thank you to Heather for manning the registration table so I could be available for guests.

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A few more pics from...

The Peruvian Food Tasting Expo Fundraiser was a success. $750 earned for Backpacks of Hope! 
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The Peruvian Food Tasting Expo...

Getting all set for our Peruvian Food Tasting Expo Fundraiser tomorrow.
This is the craft we will do... God's Eyes... with red and white like the Peruvian flag.

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Getting all set for our...

Where are my risk taking mom friends out there?

Once we have kids, taking risks are even more scary. It's not just our own life [or partner's life] at risk... it's our kids' lives too.

It seems like a constant and never ending balancing act... we want a safe, yet comfortable life for our kids. However, in order to live the life we truly want to live... risks have to be taken.

Risks that will take us out of the comfort zone.

Risks that others might think we're crazy for taking.

Risks that even our spouse might try to talk us out of.

My whole life I have never been one to play it safe... always had a high risk tolerance. 
Now faced with a challenging decision ... and to be united with my low risk tolerance, highly analytical husband ... This is hard.

My question to you... How risky are you, mom, when it comes to decisions that could affect your family's finances and time together... but in the long run, move you closer to your dream for you and your family?

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Where are my risk taking...

Great show at the Art Walk in downtown Greeley. 
Evy's pig got choosen to be in the show too!
It's so important to be supportive of each child's individual talent and interests... helping them grow into the little people they were created to be.
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Great show at the Art...

Who do you want to impact?

I will share a personal dream of mine... that is about to start coming to fruition.

God put a vision into my heart and mind to impact moms, helping moms to live their best life with their kids in tow... and more than that, God put a dream in my heart to speak to these moms live, in groups of hundreds... even thousands... Well, so I will be able to speak to dozens... if not hundreds of Peruvian moms about fulfilling the deepest desires of their hearts live and in person!

This will happen this summer, with the help and support of my amazing Peruvian husband... So... whatever your vision is for your life... may you impact the people around you in only the way that YOU can.

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Who do you want to...

Are you feeling a lack of motivation?

Try this.

Start your day with a reminder of how wonderfully amazing you are. YOU sister, are made in the image of God... your deep heart desires are HIS deep heart desires. 
Keep that flame burning deep in your soul.

Start by writing yourself love notes on the mirror before you go to bed at night, so they great you in the morning and bring delight into your soul.

You are amazing mama.

Write a comment here to let me know what you will write to yourself on your mirror tonight. 
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Are you feeling a lack...

This big girl got to share in the share chair yesterday about her adventures with Curious George last weekend.

She did so well! 
#proudmama #kindergarten #sharechair #curiousgeorge #allgrownup

This big girl got to...

Helping moms live their best life... with kids in tow.
That's the desire of my heart.
It's easy to forget your own desires when you're a mom... and a wife... and have a career... and/or a business... and the cleaning... and the kid activities... and... and... and...
Yes... raise your kids with all the passion for them in the world, and remember that you are an individual who God created... and those passions and desires you had before becoming a mom...
They Are Still Possible.
Find a way to make it happen mama.
Leave me a comment and let me know what your life's passion is. 
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Helping moms live their best...

No Excuse To Be A Jerk

For the last seven years I’ve been a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education teacher. I have my Masters in that, and I work with a lot of kids who are either immigrants or refugees into the United States.



At one particular school, I worked with kids who came from places all around the world; from Burma, from Somalia… kids that have lived in really, truly, extreme poverty… even civil war going on in their country.


For some of these kids, their villages had even been burned down.. and they saw it happen… They saw people killed right in front of them just because they didn’t conform to what the military in charge was trying to get them to do.


The military came in and stole things from them… and if they resisted… they would be killed.


Kids coming from places like that and coming here, to the United States, and understanding the opportunity available to them. Their parents understanding it … their mindset is just that,


“I am here to learn everything that I can and observe every possible opportunity that I can get while I’m here.”


And then, on the other hand, we have kids born in the United States, who come from poverty or anywhere, poverty or even from privilege. They might be kids that have experienced tough things in their short past already…


Parents leaving, going to jail… etc…,


Kids that I personally have worked with…


Their families may even find themselves homeless for whatever reason…


and these kids…


So many of them will take these kinds of things as an excuse for the terrible behavior they demonstrate,


The disrespect that they show to other adults in their life whether it’s their teachers or any other adult that might come in the room.


And they don’t take their learning seriously.


And maybe I’m generalizing big time here, I get that, but I see it time and time again.


You get these kids that come from immigrant families, that come from refugee families and have lived through extreme things on one hand…


And then you get the kids born in the states who come from poverty, [I’m sure you see it with privileged kids too].


And there’s just some kind of mindset difference where they think that the world owes them something.


And because they have a parent in jail or they’re homeless for a time or they have these other circumstances… and junk that happens to them in their past and…


Oh my gosh, I don’t wish that on anybody at all… and would love to help people get out of those kinds of situations,


But you can’t use that as an excuse…


You can’t teach your kids to use that as an excuse to be a jerk.


It’s just the bottom line.


You can’t use those circumstances in your life as an excuse to just be a jerk and decide you’re not going to do anything because you don’t feel like it.


So instead… think about the amazing blessings that you have in your life right now


Instead of thinking about the junk from the past and using all of that stuff as an excuse as to why you’re not where you want to be right now, or why you’re not doing the thing that you wanted to do,


And oh my gosh, never use your kids as an excuse for any of that.


Motherhood is not an excuse for not reaching your dreams.


It’s absolutely not.


So be aware of the blessings in your life.


Seriously take a look at the things in your life that you have to be grateful for and focus on those things.


Let those things expand in your life.


Be grateful for what you have and you will start to see things change for you.


I hope that this has inspired you to look at the things and the situations in your life and just know that none of that is an excuse as to why you’re not where you should be… or where you want to be… or where you said you were going to be.


Do it anyway, get it done, and make life happen for you.


Life doesn’t happen to you, you make life happen for you.


So be amazing, be blessed, and leave me a comment on this post to let me know how this resonates with you.


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