New Influences Are The Key To Happiness

Have you ever wondered what what it would take to be truly happy?

I’m not going to say that I have it 100% figured out… but I did hear a very wise man say this…

Progress = Happiness

If you’re making progress towards a goal, even baby steps… that leads to happiness. (Which, by the way, assumes that you have goals you’re working towards… that’s a topic for another day.)


Steps To Making Progress

#1 – Yep, you guessed it… New Influences. New Influences Are The Key To Happiness.

I mean, think about it… if you have negative people in your life that don’t believe in anything besides the status quo, you’re not going to make much progress.

You are the average of the 5 closest influences around you.

Make wise choices, my friend, you are only one relationship away from a dramatic change in your life. Is it going to be an upward change or a downward spiral?

You decide.

New positive relationships in your life will bring about new experiences, ideas and perspective.


#2 – Get Involved In A Mastermind Group

There is nothing more powerful than being involved with a mastermind group.

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”
– Napoleon Hill

It’s the meeting of the minds. And when two or more minds come together… this combination of the minds creates an altogether “new mind” that can see angles, perspectives, views and solutions… that simply didn’t exist on their own.

If you can see the power in this… check out this business model that my friend Jeff created. It’s called the T3FP business formula… here you will learn about the 5 pillars that you MUST have in any business model.


#3 – Watch Who You Get Advice From

How many times have you had this amazing idea or solution to some economic problem that you had… only to be shut down by the people closest to you when you brought the idea to them?

It’s happened to me.

Maybe not in the sense of being ridiculed or blatantly made fun of… however, you knew that when you shared your idea… that person’s belief in you was lacking in a huge way.

That’s even worse than being ridiculed in my book. That ridiculed piece… that gives me driving force to push forward. But, man, those loved ones that “try” to be supportive… but you can really tell that they don’t truly believe in you…

They hope it will work for you…

But the belief isn’t there.

NO… what you need are people around you that will believe in you and lift you up.

People that will believe in you even when you don’t believe fully in yourself.

You must qualify the people you are getting your advice from…

If they’re invested in just living life and following the status quo… those are not the kind of people you want to get advice from…


Because you have bigger dreams than that.

You have more to give than just the status quo… way more.

If you’re reading this, you probably can relate to what I’m saying…

And I’m tellin’ ya… getting the wrong advice is dangerous.

Destructive even.

So make sure you are asking the right people… you’re connecting with the right people… and your spending your time with the right people.

Here’s a window into the right kind of people for me.

If this resonates with you… come on in and take a look.


Enjoy the present