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Mommy Guilt: 3 Ways To Work Through It

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Mommy Guilt Is Real

Oh my! Have you ever felt that pain of guilt run through your soul as you’re setting your kids down in front of ANOTHER movie so you can work on building your online business?

Man! (or woman!)… you’re not alone

Mommy guilt is a real thing.

Remember back to when you were prego with your babies… all the dreams and aspirations you had of yourself as a mother… all the wonderful things you were going to do together… the fun things you would learn… the tea parties… the wrestling matches…

Well… you should still be doing those things… and here’s how I work through the mommy guilt as I am building my online business…

3 Essentials To Working Through The Mommy Guilt As You Are Building Your Online Legacy


#1 – Know Your Why

Know it. Read it. Write it daily.

Post it on your computer screen with a sticky note.

Your WHY must be at the forefront of your mind at all times. They (your kids) are the ones you are doing this for, after all… right?


#2 – Communication Is Key

Not only do YOU have to know your why… but so do your kids (and the rest of your family).

Open, honest, loving conversations are the way that you are going to get them to “buy in” to your why… your dream and vision for your lives.

You’ve heard of vision boards? (If not, Google it.)

Create a vision board for yourself… put it in a place where you and your kids can see it daily… but have your kids create their own vision boards as well.

Set goals together… i.e.) when mommy makes X amount of money we can do ______.


#3 – Schedule Time With Them

If you’re not scheduling your day… then start now.

Block off time for the tasks that need to be accomplished (surfing Facebook should not be one of those tasks… nor should if fill up the time you could be spending time with your kids).

And schedule that time with your kids…

Uninterrupted… focused… quality time.

Conversations. Tea Parties. Wrestling/tickling wars. Outings.

And don’t let social media or your business interfere with that time…

Then when it’s time for you to work on your business… the kids are more apt to give you your space for that as well.


As a mommypreneur… here is what I have found to be the absolute best way to learn the skills I need to become an entrepreneur in my own rightAND earn a great income while I’m doing it. Check it out from my mentor, Jeff, here.

Enjoy the present
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