First day of school with kids and for the kids!

We are so excited to spend the year together at University Schools! 
#bulldogs #firstdayofschool

First day of school with...

These time hop photos! 
They grow so fast... snuggle them while you can... kiss them while they'll let you... spend all the time you can with them... be present.

Pretty soon you'll blink and they'll be grown and not need you anymore.

These two will be in 4th and 1st grades in 4 days. 
I'm blessed to be able to take them to school and even teach in the same school with them this year.

#grateful #mom #momlife #teacher #universityschools #growinguptoofast

These time hop photos! They...

I painted the back deck today... one more coat tomorrow ought to do it...

I painted the back deck...

🌊 Such a perfect family day at Water World! Kids had so much fun... So did the parents! 🌊

#waterworld #waterworldcolorado #familyfun #ridethewave

🌊 Such a perfect family...

These kids!

Tea party at Carolyn 's house... they've been looking forward to this for weeks!

Thank you, sweet Carolyn and Lois, for a fun afternoon for the kids... and time for this mama to get a pedicure! ❀😁❀

These kids! Tea party at...

Pray for the impact God will have on your students, your school, your district and your community this school year.

#schoolchildren #schoolstart #schoolstarts #startingschool #students #teachers #schoolsupplies #schools #prayforourschools #prayforteachers

Pray for the impact God...

Feliz dia Peru!

It's Peruvian Independence Day today! 
Celebrating in Denver with the family!... Daddy performs soon!

And... Jalea... my favorite Peruvian dish... what a treat!

#peruvianindependenceday #peru #peruvianfood #peruviandance #incakola #jalea #guino

Feliz dia Peru! It's Peruvian...

Oh my gosh! Such an amazing day! Beautiful hiking weather! Beautiful hiking companions!

This was our last hike of the summer small group session at Rez Church... and we had to be a little flexible due to a full parking lot at Bridal Veil Falls Trailhead... but Jon found us a great trail to hike today.

God had something great for us today... just LOOK at all those wild flowers! 
Looking forward to leading this group again next summer. 

Oh my gosh! Such an...

Ok... so I kept going... ended up almost in Timnath 😳

So round trip today was about 38 miles. 
Can you believe it!?! 😲

#rezstaycation #bikeride #riverbluffs #workout #poudreriver #poudrerivertrail

Ok... so I kept going......

Nothing like coming around the last corner of your hike and seeing a big bull elk headed up the trail in your direction... Beautiful day for a hike in Estes Park... Gem Lake Trail.

Beautiful people... great fellowship... amazing views.

It's been a great summer for hiking with my Rez Church small group. One more hike left for this small group session if anyone wants to join us on the Bridal Vails Falls trail next Saturday.

#rezsmallgroups #rezstaycation #hiking #estespark #gemlake #gemlaketrail #rezchurch

Nothing like coming around the...

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My name is Katy Acosta.

I help moms balance business, relationships and wellness.

In 2014 I found myself in a very unhealthy place… physically… and unhealthy in the balance (or unbalance) I had in my life.

My background is teaching… and at that time in 2014 I was working as a full time teacher, I was one of the first ones in the door in the morning, I taught… and later directed the after school program… so I was also one of the last ones to leave the building.

So I was gone at least 12 hours a day.

That’s all fine and good if I was a single person, but I had a family… two little ones at home and a husband.

I was the β€œYES” woman. Why? Because in my mind no one else could do it as good as I could or could do it how I thought it needed to be done.

There were a lot of things I was holding onto that were not healthy for me or for my relationships.

In August of 2014 I lost my mom to cancer… as I held her hand while she was leaving this world I realized just how unhealthy I had allowed myself to become. Extremely unhealthy in how I was eating… in how much time I was spending at work… how much time I was spending away from my family… and I wasn’t taking care of myself mentally either.

So I decided I was going to make a transition.

First Step was that I got myself healthy… losing 60 pounds of body fat.

The second step was that I started working on my mindset.

Out of these transition years I have developed a digital course for moms, helping moms create their most balanced lives.

Now I make it a point to keep that balance… although I’m still not perfect πŸ™‚ … Together, as a family, we create our most balanced lives.

Come and journey through life with me!

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