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Is Your Product Or Service Enough To Make You A 6 or 7 Figure Earner? How about an 8 or 9 figure earner?

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Positioning Your Product Or Service

Just like Walmart or Target position their products around the store in a way that is going to grab the buyer’s attention – We, as online marketers, must do the same thing with our product or service.


You know those video cameras that are placed in the store… the ones that are always watching you. I betcha thought their primary purpose was to catch shoplifters, right?


Nope. Their primary purpose is to find out where all the traffic is going… so the store knows where to position products so that they are seen best by customers.


No One Likes Being Sold – Everyone Likes To Buy

If you’re anything like me… it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to get those telemarketer phone calls… especially during dinner time.


So how is that different than buying something at Walmart or Target? Well, Walmart and Target use professional traffic principals to pull you in, whereas telemarketing phone calls seem to push you into something you’re not sure you want to hear about… especially at dinnertime.


Professional marketers get their message in front of the right person, at the RIGHT time. Calling at dinnertime is NOT the right time… [rant over].


But are you following me?


Relate this to Online Marketing. How do we get our message in front of the right person at the right time?


Fill Your Funnel

If you’ve ever been a part of network marketing (or direct sales), you’ve probably heard the term, “Keep Filling Your Funnel.”


Although I heard that statement time after time listening to different calls with leaders in the company, I never quite grasped what it really meant… much less how to do it.


Learning from 8 and 9 figure earners (I misspoke in the video saying 6 and 7 figure earners), I am finally grabbing this concept of “Filling Your Funnel.”


Have you ever seen those offers pop up, or clicked on something of interest to you, where you were asked to put in your name, phone number and email address in order to get the “thing” that grabbed your attention? Similar to this one.


Yep… that’s a funnel. From that low ticket (free or low priced) item that you get when you fill out your information… that marketer will then take you into the next step of their funnel… And you will get offered the next best product/service at a higher price… And you keep getting value emails from that marketer along the way.


You have entered their funnel and are now on their list. That marketer will continue to bring you value based content and offers… creating a relationship with you… and moving you into the next step in their sales process.


More of the HOW on this funnel process is explained in this short videoYou will see the short video first. If you like what you see, put in your information and check out the longer, more explicit video.


Click here to learn more about how 8 and 9 figure earners use funnels to build their online businesses.


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Is Your Product Or Service Enough To Make You A 6 or 7 Figure Earner? How about an 8 or 9 figure earner?