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Is your offer getting seen?

Do people even see what you have to offer?

How do you get people to even know that you have a product or service to offer them?

Check out this second part to the formula that defines and drives every single successful marketing business.



If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around to hear it, does it really make any noise?


So you say you have this really great product or service to offer, but…

does anyone know about it? Here’s the deal…

We can’t bring value to anyone’s life through our product or service if people don’t know that we even have a product or service to offer.

The definition of Traffic is the total number of people that come in proximity to your offer.


What are you doing to get people to see what you’re doing?

How are you getting traffic to your website or Facebook fan page?


Note: Did you know that just because you post something on your Facebook profile or fan page, doesn’t mean that all of your friends and/or followers see it? In fact, only about 10% of your friends and/or followers actually see your post before it starts to get buried. If/when someone likes or comments on it, your post will get pushed back up to the top and another 10% will see it… and so on.


So what if no one likes or comments on your post (content)?…

You probably need to rethink what you’re posting and add more value.


The idea of Traffic is to get people to see what you have to offer. Get your offer out there in front of the right people.



Here’s the reality…

You have to invest in your business in order to grow your business.

Plant the seed… but water it too…

Either you will invest time or you will invest money… usually both.


At first probably invest more time than money, but as your business grows you can start investing more money than time… hence… time freedom!


So, you can build your own traffic or you can buy your own traffic… or both… even better!

Either way, you will have to invest your resources (time and money) into your business. Commit to investing some of both.


How do I even start?

Do what I did. First step is educating yourself about how the business world works…

If you’re anything like me, you had no business experience before starting your online marketing, direct sales or network marketing opportunity.


The first step is learning how it’s done… the right way.

I mean, don’t you want to know how the million dollar earners do it? 7- and 8-figure earners… they use this formula. If that’s truly your goal, you have to click on this link now and learn about what they do.

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Katy Acosta



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Is your offer getting seen?