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Gazing With Wonder

Have you ever laid down in the grass and looked up into the sky and marveled at the vastness of it? How about at night? When I was a kid, we spent the weekends and summers camping in the mountains of Colorado. I grew up in a small mountain town here, and that was our weekend entertainment – camping. I remember laying under the open sky in my sleeping bag and gazing up into the sky in wonder. With no city lights to drown out the light of the stars you can really see the awesomeness of creation.


Behold Your God

I reflect on that tonight as I get home from church, having heard a wonderful message from Isaiah 40 encouraging us to look anew to our God. Behold your God. See God. Look to him with brand new eyes. Keeping our eyes on Him doesn’t change our circumstances necessarily, but it will change US. It changes how we respond to our circumstances. Our God is AWESOME!


Our God is Big…Immense

Thinking back to those nights of looking up into the sky and literally seeing billions of stars I am overwhelmed with how big our God is. Looking up and being able to see the Milky Way, our galaxy and knowing that the stars I am looking at are millions and billions of light years away. The word immense doesn’t even describe it well enough. My brain can’t even grasp how big that is! And God holds the entire Universe in the palm of his hand.


Our God is Wise

As I was trying to describe to my first grade son tonight about what God spoke to me in church about how BIG He is, Patrick started asking questions like; who taught God this? and how did God learn that? and where did God come from? Oh my gosh! Hard questions. Hard for our human minds to comprehend. God is so far beyond our human understanding. It boggles the mind. I tried to explain this to Patrick and that God has information that we don’t have. He knows everything about the past, present and future. His knowledge is unlimited. We have to trust in knowing that His wisdom is way beyond what we understand.


Our God is Strong

So, if God is so big that He holds the Universe in the palm of his hand, imagine what we look like to him! Patrick loves bugs. He sees a bug of any kind and he wants to capture it and put it in a container and watch it. I don’t know how many containers of bugs we have in our house at the moment. Think about how big we are compared to that bug. Think about how strong we are compared to the bug. All it takes is a quick stomp and that bug is no more. We barely even notice that we squished the bug.


In Isaiah 40, the Bible says that people are like grasshoppers compared to God. Nations are like a drop in the bucket compared to his greatness, his strength. There is nothing to compare God to. No one is his equal. Oh my gosh! What in the world do we have to be afraid of if this immense, wise and powerful God has us in the palm of his hand? We have to keep God afresh in our sight, look on Him with new eyes…Behold your God.


Awesome God

I am in awe of how incredibly awesome our God is! How often do we pause in our daily routine, our own plans, our own agenda and reflect on His awesomeness? When we come home from somewhere with my kids (ages 3 and 6) and it’s nighttime, they get out of the car, and every time they marvel at the stars and the moon. We live in town. They have never truly seen the vastness of what’s really up there. Honestly, neither have we.


We can’t fully wrap our mind around the splendor of His majesty. The awesomeness of His work. The wisdom and strength of His hand. We have nothing to compare Him to. Nations will fall at his feet. Our problems and fears are nothing compared Him. We have to trust in Him, in his purpose. Remember, God knows the past, present and future. He knows our higher calling. He knows how it all fits together for His Glory. Trust in him.


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