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I am not perfect… shocker!



So I’m sitting here in Phoenix, Arizona, near the pool here at the Kimpton Hotel and I just had a really amazing conversation about just the fact that I am not perfect.


Shocker right?


Who is?


So, I was really nervous about coming to this event. We had another event in San Diego about two months ago and I was even nervous to go to that one.


Part of it is because over the last several months, I gained a lot of weight.


Have you ever noticed that you do really well keeping on top of your health for a while; eating right, exercising…


And then all of a sudden it just goes out the window…


Like no idea when it happened or why it happened…


Just all of a sudden little bad habits start sneakin’ back in and BAM!


It happened…


You just gained like 20 freakin’ pounds!


Okay so balance,


Balancing your life doesn’t mean that everything’s perfect all the time.


If everything was perfect and you were on your game 100% of the time, you’d get exhausted, physically and mentally exhausted.


But you’ve got to bring it back…


Swing that pendulum back the other way… or the teeter-totter… or whatever you want to call it.


It’s time to start workin’ on this health thing again and getting that morning routine down again and make sure that you’re being cognizant of the things that you’re puttin’ in your body.


This is me, myself and I that I’m talking to here…


So my question for you is… does that ever happen to you?


Have you ever just been going really well, eating really well, exercising really well and then all of a sudden you realize,


What happened?


When did this happen?


Has that ever happened to you?


And what did you do to get yourself out of that?


Please leave your comments. I’d love to hear from you.


Be awesome and go out there and just live your best life.


See ya next time!


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