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Do I Have To Do Videos?

Do I Have To Do Videos?

Well, no… I guess not… you are the CEO of your own business after all… right?


But what CEO on this planet do you know that stays in his or her comfort zone?

Not a one!

Because, really, what’s the reason you’re not doing videos? It’s all about the comfort…

Maybe you hate seeing yourself on camera. Or you’re afraid you’ll say something stupid. You don’t like public speaking. Afraid you’ll run out of things to talk about…

You want your own business don’t you?

You want the time freedom. The financial freedom. All these things “they” keep talking about that keeps you coming back for more each day.

But You Won’t Do A Live Video?!?!?

No, if you want to be CEO of YOU, Inc. you’re going to have to get UNcomfortable. Stretch that comfort zone every single day.

Make a plan… and just START.

You know what… screw the plan… just START and get yourself uncomfortable… you can make the plan later.


Where To Start?

Just tell your story. Talk about your why. Talk about your heart for doing what you’re doing. There are other people out there that NEED to hear your story. Your story could be the thing they need to hear to pull THEM forward in their plan for success. It’s not fair to them if you don’t share your story.


Why Videos?

It’s all about the Know, Like and Trust factor. You’re building a relationship with the possible 2 billion* people on Facebook. First, they have to know who you are. Then they begin to like you, they can relate to you. And when they begin to trust you… the magic happens!

* Note: You can only have that kind of reach if you do the Live videos, or post the recorded videos on  your Business Page. Why a Business Page over posting on your Personal Profile? More on that here.

Go out and do a Video…

Whether the video is live or recorded. Post it on your Facebook Business Page** (or personal profile if that’s all you have right now). Then tag me in it so I can root you on (Tag @PEAKinternationalLLC).

** Click here for a video on creating your Facebook Business Page.

Then Click here to go to my Business Page, like it, follow with see first and turn on all notifications (hover on the follow tab). Make that video and tag me in the comments when you’re done.

You can do this! Go out and be the leader people are looking for.


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Do I Have To Do Videos?