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Are You Avoiding Success?

One of my favorite things to do when my six-year-old son is pouting about not getting his way is to look straight at him, face serious and tell him, “No smiling allowed.” I say that a couple times and he can’t help but smile, laugh even. That’s the kind of response I would love to see from you as you read through these points. Do these things to avoid success; “No smiling allowed.”

#1 Be afraid of change

Success is avoided when we are afraid of change. We know things need to change in order to find success, but we’re afraid of what could happen if we do make the necessary changes. We don’t want to invest in relationships, rather all we think about is the transaction (our benefit from that relationship). And how about the training, the education, the courses, the company conference or convention? Maybe we’re afraid of investing financially in ourselves and our growth. What if it I don’t see a return on my investment?


What about adding value to people’s lives? I was of the mindset that people had to invest in me and my product before I would or could invest in them. All of my coaching was private. Tips were private. In fact, I would not talk to anyone about their health or anything else for that matter until they invested in me and my product first. Oh my gosh, how selfish is that!! Add value to people’s lives, people. Who wants to follow someone that is a taker?


Be afraid of change. Being so fearful of change that you don’t take action. What if this, and what if that? What if….who cares? Just do it. Take action. Make the necessary changes for growth to happen. That growth has to start with you. If we don’t fill ourselves, we will have nothing to give back.


#2 Stop Learning

That leads me to learning. Another way to avoid success is to stop learning. Just believe that you already have all the answers. Who needs the webinars? Who needs to take that course? How about that event? I have all the answers. I know what I am doing. What?!?!?! No way! Even the top earners in this industry, in any industry, have a coach, a mentor.


Newsflash. At least it was for me… This is NOT just about selling a product. It’s about bringing value to other people’s lives. In order to bring value to other people, we have to be continuous learners. We have to work on ourselves – fill ourselves up so we can pour into others. We must be life long learners.


#3 Just continue with the entitlement attitude

I paid my dues. I deserve this. Membership, yeah, I bought that, and the kit too. Everyone else is making money, why not me? We are a want it now, fast food, I want results yesterday kind of society. People don’t think they need to work for anything anymore. They buy into something, “try” it, don’t get results in their first week or even month and they decide it’s a gimmick,  a scam, they’ve been had. In all reality, they did nothing to earn where they thought they should be.


There are no guarantees in any business. There are no guarantees in life. Successful people have paid their dues. They have made the sacrifices. Do not expect success in anything until you have done the work to get it; you’ve done the training, been consistently in activity, developed skills, provided more value for people. This is not easy – it takes dedication and drive, but it is so worth it.


#4 Continue to blame other people or things for your lack of success

Blame. When you point your finger at someone else, there are four more fingers pointing back at you. We can blame our circumstances, our failures, our upline, our downline. We can blame everybody and everything, but in all reality it’s only ourselves we have to blame for our lack of success.


Each of us has 110% control over how fast or slow we move in life. If I don’t make my goal, whose fault is that? We have to understand and OWN that it’s our OWN fault. Be resourceful. Look for the answers. If you don’t find them in one place, look somewhere else. You are in control. Nothing can stop you.


#5 Continue to make excuses

If you want to go big, you cannot make excuses. I had the goal of being an Executive with my network marketing company by today actually. The more I tried to do what they told me to do, the more I slid backwards. At first I blamed my circumstances. Then I blamed not knowing anyone. I even, in my own mind, blamed the fact that I have kids and they were taking up my time. Oh, My. Gosh!!!! I am ashamed to even put that in writing, but that’s what I did. And you know what the result of that has been? An entire YEAR of my kids’ lives, LOST. I can NEVER get that back. I look back and I can’t even stand myself. There are no excuses. WE are 100% to blame for our unsuccessfulness.


What do I do now?

Embrace the journey. Absolutely do not dwell over the past, the time lost or the mistakes and failures. Embrace it as part of the journey and move on. What will you do now to make a better future for you? For your family? For society? It may not happen today. It may not happen tomorrow, in a month, in a year, but it will happen. Strive to be better today than you were yesterday. Value people as people, not as a paycheck. You are worth the effort, and so is everyone else.


I poured out my heart to you today, if this brought value to your life, please comment and share with others you think may benefit from this.

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