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My name is Katy

Below you will find, a couple of words about me


Katy Acosta is a blogger with a dream of being a motivational speaker,  born in Colorado and spouse to Alex Acosta, she has 2 children, Patrick in 3rd grade and Evy in Kindergarten. Katy has dedicated much of her adult life to serving others.

Living in Peru in 2003, shortly after marrying Alex, she helped him plant a church there until returning to the United States with him in 2005 to plant another church in Greeley, CO.

With a heart to serve the Greeley Latino community, Katy was instrumental in building, training volunteers and running English classes for adult Latinos through Christ Community Church. Later, after receiving her Masters’ degree in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education from the University of Northern Colorado, her work with teaching English to newcomers in the community continued in the local public school district.

After years of service to others, in 2015 Katy took some time away from teaching and service to pursue her own passions and desires for life and the long-term impact she wants to leave on this world through online entrepreneurship. Out of these last three years of this pursuit, Katy has created A Mom That Matters, helping moms balance business, relationships and wellness. Find Katy at, on Facebook at or on YouTube at