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3 Simple Daily Habits To Increase Your Results

Before I can tell you about these 3 simple habits, I need to tell you that this is a part of a bigger picture. This is the first part of the formula that defines and drives every single successful marketing business, online or offline.

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Ultimate Goal As An Online Marketer

As an online marketer, isn’t your ultimate goal to work from home (or wherever you are) with your laptop? Mine certainly is…

What if you had a system working FOR you, on autopilot, and all you had to do was drive traffic to your offer and generate the leads? Wow! Are You Kidding Me!! Yes, please!

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Okay, okay, so let me tell you about those 3 simple daily habits to increase your results… in any area of your life… not just your business.


3 Simple Daily Habits

#1 – Quiet Time: Take 5-10 minutes of the first part of your day for quiet time. No distractions (including your cell phone). Having this quiet time early in the day gives the brain an extra jolt of focus juice.

Besides… grabbing your phone first thing, before your feet even touch the floor… that’s an addiction that needs to be broken. I mean, really… what if it was a bottle of vodka you grabbed each morning?… Would you think it was an addiction then?

If you’re a slave to it… it’s an addiction… and your productivity probably isn’t at it’s best… or it won’t be for long.

So get away from that… build a new habit. Put the cell phone in a drawer while you sleep (better yet, turn it off)… then leave it there for the first 30 minutes of your day (or more). I promise, whatever happened on Facebook while you were sleeping… it will still be there in 30 minutes.


#2 – Take a Walk: Take a 10-30 minute walk to stimulate the creative centers in your brain. This should not be a vigorous walk where you are exerting yourself. Just a nice calm walk to get the blood flowing. This is especially helpful when you are learning new material… allowing you to retain and apply the new information better.


#3 – Stay Hydrated!: Did you know that 90% of fatigue issues are due to dehydration? Yes! Drinking water… alkaline (pH 8.5 or more) is best… will help you stay focused and mentally ready throughout the day.

How much water? At least 1L per 50 pounds of body weight.

For more on this alkalized water, shoot me a message at PEAK International, LLC.


One More Habit To Add

Just because I know this one makes me that much more successful… here’s one more daily habit to foster in yourself.

Work on your mindset.

Much of our success (or non-success) comes from the inner game (or old records) playing in our head. Some of these we may not even recognize as a problem… or they may be buried a bit… but they are still affecting our daily success, and ultimately our long-term success in anything we do.


Here’s the deal. If you don’t change, your results won’t change. So get yourself some good books and start reading daily. Start with 10 pages a day… digest… then implement. Check out my Mindset Resources here.


Watch this Facebook Live video I did on this topic and find out how I built this habit into my daily routine.

Enjoy the present
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